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Golden Retrievers and Siberian Huskies are crossed to create the Goberian or Golden Retriever/Husky Mix. There is no question that the Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dogs in the world because of its loving, friendly, and social nature. A Goberian pup, on the other hand, may be right for you if you’re seeking these traits along with a playful, fierce edge.

Despite their large size, these medium-sized dogs enjoy spending time with their owners. Check out this active dog’s profile below if you’re interested in learning more about it.

History of the Goberian

The goal of breeding Golden Retrievers with Siberian Huskies was to combine the friendly and lovable qualities of the Retriever with the active and outgoing characteristics of the Huskies.

The breed has a lot of qualities associated with a family dog, yet it thrives in an environment where there is a lot of activity.

Breed Origin of the Goberian

The origins of the parent breeds can help us understand where the Goberian breed comes from.

Snow dogs are often called Huskies. Siberian Chukchi people first bred Huskies for transporting supplies, and their first breeding was done in Siberia.

Alaska first imported Huskies for sled racing in 1909. As the Soviet government closed its borders in 1930, the last Siberian Husky was exported from Siberia. However, the breed thrived in North America. In 1930, the AKC recognized them.

Retrievers are originally from Scotland and were bred for retrieving games and bullets shot in the water and on land. Tweed Water Spaniels and Flat Coated Retrievers were crossed to produce them.

This designer dog breed is relatively new, having first appeared in the early 2000s. Its origin is not fully documented, but it is believed to have originated in the mid-1900s. Recent years have seen an increase in its popularity.

Characteristics of the Goberian

It can be difficult to predict the characteristics of the Goberian breed due to the fact that it is a mixed breed. Based on previous litters, we can make a guess.

There are usually 4 to 6 puppies in each litter of these dogs. Even within a litter, puppies can differ. It is normal to expect to pay between $250 and $1500 for a Goberian puppy. Make sure you always buy from a reputable breeder if you have trouble finding one.


A Goberian can appear in a variety of ways. In some dogs, the parent breed is the Retriever, whereas, in others, it is the Husky parent breed. They usually have their Retriever parents’ ears and tails.

These dogs have a very athletic build and are considered a medium to large dog breed. They can weigh anywhere between 45 lbs and 80 lbs and stand between 22 and 24 inches high.


This Husky Mix has a double coat of medium length. In many ways, their coat is similar to that of their Husky parent, though they do not shed as much as the Husky. We will discuss grooming more in detail later on, but regular grooming can help reduce shedding.


The Golden Retriever parent primarily contributes to the Goberian’s golden coat. In addition to gold and white tinted shades, it can also come in other shades of gold or even ones more like the Husky.


Friendly, outgoing, and loving, the Goberian loves interacting with people. Both parents contributed to the development of this pup, which is affectionate and family-oriented like a Golden Retriever, while also being playful and outgoing like a Husky.

Due to their active nature, they prefer to be around people and thrive in environments with lots of exercises.

Their owners can cuddle with them a lot, but they also make great playmates for children. Separation anxiety can be a problem for them, as they dislike being alone. When you are out for a long period of time, this is something to keep in mind.

Goberians often inherit the protective nature of the Husky. Strangers will feel superior to them, even though they aren’t aggressive at all. You shouldn’t let this discourage you, though — they are too friendly and loving to make good guard dogs or watchdogs.

Lifespan of the Goberian

Approximately 10 to 15 years is the average life expectancy of a Goberian.

Known Health Issues of the Goberian

When dogs are crossbred, they tend to be less susceptible to health issues associated with the parent breeds. Husky Golden Retriever mixes, like all dogs, are still susceptible to the same health concerns their parent breeds are. We have listed them below.

  • Hip Dysplasia — this is when the thighbone doesn’t fit snugly into the hip joint. Dogs with hip dysplasia may not show any signs of discomfort, but they may show pain and lameness in their rear legs. Both Golden Retrievers and Husky parents can pass on this trait.
  • Cataracts — You might suspect your dog has cataracts if they constantly bump into a furniture. Surgery is the only way to cure cataracts.

You can catch any of these issues before they become untreatable by regularly taking your dog to the veterinarian and keeping an eye on him.

You can greatly reduce the likelihood of your dog developing any health conditions if you purchase him from a reputable breeder. If a crossbreed has a chance of passing on any severe issues to offspring, a trusted breeder will do health checks on both parent breeds.

Daily Life of the Goberian

Our knowledge of the Golden Retriever Husky Mix has been put to the test, and now it’s time to see what everyday life with one of these dogs looks like. In addition to covering their diet and exercise requirements, we will take care of their grooming requirements as well.

Food and Diet of the Goberian

In order to keep up with its active lifestyle, the Goberian breed requires quite a bit of food. Two meals should be given to them daily, and they need about 1,500 calories per day.

To be sure you are feeding them the right amount of food based on their exact weight, you should always check the back of the dog food packet.

Ensure you feed your Goberian high-quality kibble. Keeping their muscles lean also requires a high protein intake since they exercise so much. Additionally, large breeds can benefit from food formulated specifically for them. Below are our recommendations for food.

Our recommendation for the Goberian is Purina Pro Plan SPORT Formula. A Goberian dog’s diet needs to be high in protein since they are an active breed. To maintain lean muscles and an ideal body condition, Purina’s dog kibble contains 26% protein and 16% fat.

It encourages nutrient absorption and is easy to digest because chicken is the number one ingredient. Aside from antioxidants, the recipe includes high-quality carbohydrates for sustained energy and antioxidants to support your dog’s immune system.

You can be confident that this food is safe for your dog because it is made in the US.


There are high exercise requirements for the Goberian dog as it is a very active breed. Walking this pup requires at least an hour out of your day, though more would be ideal.

Their energy level would be greatly enhanced if they were always out exercising with a family. They love to accompany you on hikes and walks.

At two years old these pups will be ready for large amounts of exercise, so make sure you don’t overexert them when they are puppies. It is possible to cause health problems if you overexert them before this point.

Whenever you’re not exercising, remember to play games with your Goberian. Their intelligence and love of entertainment make them a very popular breed.

Family Compatibility

This Golden Retriever Mix makes a great family dog. A breed known for its extreme activity, they will thrive in a household with an active lifestyle, where they will accompany you while you exercise.

In addition to being a great playmate for children, this breed also enjoys engaging with humans and playing games. Goberian dogs can be frustrated when played with by young children, however.

This hybrid dog fits well into a wide variety of homes due to its loving and affectionate nature. If you were always around to show them attention, they would prefer not to be left alone! To keep them mentally stimulated while you are away, give them toys to play with to keep them socialized. Boredom will be alleviated and unwanted behaviors will be stopped.

It is imperative to provide Goberians with space to run around since they are quite tall and have energy. Dogs like these should not live in apartments and should have a large backyard.

They may begin to exhibit destructive behaviors if they don’t have enough space. The dog must also have daily walks, otherwise, they will be very frustrated and have too much built-up energy!

Training of Goberian

You will need patience and time to train the Goberian because it is not a difficult breed. You must persevere when training a Goberian since they come from Husky parentage. Leaving them untrained will only make them more mischievous as they get older!

A reward-based training method, such as positive reinforcement, works well with all dogs. This includes verbal praise and treats. The Goberian will not understand if you get angry at him, and he will not want to learn if you get angry at him.


Socialization is critical for any dog breed. Getting your puppy used to socialization at a young age will help him learn that there is nothing to fear.

A safe and controlled environment is essential for introducing them to new sights, sounds, places, smells, people, and animals. Their roundedness and friendliness will be greatly enhanced as a result.


Goberian dogs may seem to shed a lot due to their thick coats. To keep their coat neat and not tangled, they only require weekly grooming to keep them from shedding as much as their Husky parent.

Most Goberians only require a bath once a month and don’t require much grooming. It would be easier if you took them to the groomer. In addition to trimming their nails, groomers can also help you with that.

Your Goberian’s teeth need to be cleaned every week. This will prevent dental decay and disease. Dental sticks can always be used if necessary.


Golden Retrievers and Husky breeds are combined to create the Goberian. You will certainly be kept on your toes by this friendly, affectionate dog. Goberian dogs require exercise, so they are not recommended for those who do not enjoy exercise.

However, they do well in active family settings where they can be active and enjoy playing with children. Can you see yourself owning a Goberian?


Can Goberian be left alone?

Goberians value other dogs, as well as a large backyard. Leaving him completely alone may cause him to become bored or agitated, which can lead to undesirable behaviors like digging holes or chewing furniture. The separation anxiety that is common to Husky mix dogs is exacerbated when they are left alone.

Are Goberians suitable as first dogs?

Goberians make great family dogs. People enjoy being around them since they are extremely friendly and have good temperaments. You and your family will be considered best friends by the devoted mixed breed.

How often should you bathe a Goberian?

Goberians do not need much grooming and need only a bath once a month, especially when dirty. They can be groomed at a groomer if this is easier for you. You can also have the groomers trim their nails when necessary, which should be done periodically.

Do Goberians howl?

The Goberians are easily bored if they are not properly exercised, leading to destructive chewing, howling, barking, and full-blown mayhem. As a result of its highly energetic nature, this mix would prefer to live in a large yard where it could run around and play.

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